Bible Information Class

Bible Information Class
 “New Life in Christ"
 A Bible Information Class for adults on the key teachings of the Bible and the Good News of Jesus Christ
20 Lessons, that reveal from the Bible:
• This world is not here by accident but by the design of a perfect God
• God loves you and found a way to free you from sin and the fear of death – through His Son, Jesus Christ
• Faith is a real certainty of your standing under God and your eternity with Him
• Baptism and the Lord’s Supper have God’s everlasting love connected to them
• God wins our obedience by love, not force
• When Jesus shows up again, you will see His glory and share in it
The course is taught by Pastor David Rosenow and is offered to fit your schedule - please contact him at 715-294-2828 or 920-645-7526 to make arrangements.
Materials for the class are free to all participants